Can you name these languages? 


My expectations in playing this “game” must have been fairly low, because I was impressed with my score (which was, unfortunately, below average). Oh well! I’m still new at this.

It’s fun nonetheless, and allows you to become familiarized with a handful of written foreign languages. 

I got 16 of 30 right. I guess half the languages is appropriate for half a linguistics major!

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    17/30! I knew Korean, Chinese, and Japanese right off the bat, which pleased me. xD Because my only exposure to Korean...
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    i just got 17/30 :(
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    21. Not too shabby.
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    I scored 17/30!
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    only 14/30. I could recognize, but not always name correctly XD
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    20/30 Proud of myself considering I’ve only studied Spanish (and of course English) and never taken any linguistics...
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    27/30 !! :O I am unreasonably proud of that. Though the samples might be* a bit dodgy since the source is Google...
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    I got 23! I was very surprised. :P
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    28/30. FUCK YES. The only ones I missed were Maltese and Albanian—but I’ve never actually seen written Maltese or...
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